Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines is an upcoming science fiction action adventure film based on the novel of the same name by Philip Reeve. An American-New Zealand co-production, the film is set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world where motorised cities have been mounted on wheels, and move through the countryside preying on one another.

POW’s Chief Operating Officer Jason Canovas is supervising sound editor for Mortal Engines at Park Road Post.


Human Traces

Told from three perspectives, Human Traces is an atmospheric, psychological thriller set on a subantarctic Island. Filmed on location in the Catlins, it is the debut feature from writer/director Nic Gorman and producer Nadia Maxwell.

POW Studio's Creative Director Matthew Lambourn worked as sound designer on the film.

Blood Orange

A twisted tale of revenge and homemade orange juice.

Keep an eye out for this short film in 2018 film festivals, POW's sound team provided all sound design and editorial.



Wolf Warrior II

China's deadliest special forces operative settles into a quiet life on the sea. When sadistic mercenaries begin targeting nearby civilians, he must leave his newfound peace behind and return to his duties as a soldier and protector.

With $854 million at the Chinese box office, the movie is now the second highest-grossing of all-time in a single market.

POW's Creative Director Matt Lambourn worked on the film as a sound effects editor, and has been nominated for a Golden Reel Award for outstanding achievement as a part of the sound editorial team.

The Undertow

Te Rākau Theatre’s stunning quartet of plays, The Undertow. While tackling major historical moments in the settlement of Wellington and the colonisation of Aotearoa, The Undertow reminds us of the ordinary people who lived, loved, fought, sacrificed, lost, won, and ultimately called this place home.

POW's Sound Editor Callum Scott has been working on the promotional audio for the theatrical cut which is currently underway.

My Year With Helen

My Year With Helen is a 2017 documentary directed by Gaylene Preston which follows former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark as she campaigns for the post of UN secretary-general.

"The film conveys how tough it is to break the remaining glass ceilings. May it motivate future generations of women to keep at it!" — Helen Clark, 2017.

POW's Matthew Lambourn worked on the sound effects with assistance from Yong-Le Chong and George Palmer.

Kiwi Christmas

Fed up with the materialism of Christmas, Santa runs away to New Zealand for a summer holiday. When two Kiwi kids figure out who he is, they have to find a way to get him back to the North Pole in time for Christmas.

Matthew Lambourn worked on the sound design with support from POW sound editors Yong-Le Chong, Callum Scott and 2017 interns Catherine Brennan and Shayne Ragg.


A spoiled, wealthy yacht owner is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge from his mistreated employee. A remake of the 1987 comedy.

POW Studios contributed to the sound effects.


In this action sci fi, a small group of town residents have to band together after a devastating alien invasion. As they struggle to survive, they realise they must stay one step ahead of their attackers, and work together for a chance to strike back.

POW Studios worked on the sound effects editorial.



Being Keegan

POW Studios' COO Jason Canovas was executive producer and supervising sound editor for British short film Being Keegan.

POW provided full audio post production services, with support from sound editors Callum Scott, George Palmer, Catherine Brennand and Shayne Ragg. POW associate Stephen Gallagher composed the original score.

Being Keegan is the winner of TMFF January 2018 Best Actor, Best Score, Best Editor and Winner of The Audience Award. Being Keegan was also nominated for Best Cinematographer, coming second in the competition overall.

Potluck Season 2

Pot Luck is a fresh, fun, and sexy webseries that follows the lives of three Wellington friends as they negotiate friendship, family and finding love at their weekly pot luck dinners.

POW provided full audio post production services for the second season.

Nori: Roller Coaster Boy

Nori: Roller Coaster Boy is a Korean New Zealand co-production between XrisP and POW Studios. POW produced the English language recording, including casting and English script editorial as well as providing full audio post-production services.

Nori is available on Amazon Prime in the United States, and on KBS2 in South Korea. It has also been broadcast in China through and Nori will screen in New Zealand through Lightbox from March 2018.

We are currently seeking distribution opportunities in other territories.

Behold The Ghost

Siblings from a colonial New Zealand household discover one snowy night that they are orphans. They are haunted by the ghost of their abusive father and grieve his death in devastatingly different ways. The film sends powerful social message about family violence: intolerance hurts and haunts everyone.

POW's sound editorial team provided full sound post production services: sound design, editorial, mixing.



Don Selwyn - Power In Our Hands

Profiling Māori film and broadcasting legend, Don Selwyn, who left behind a legacy of talented young film and television experts that he mentored. Produced by POW Studios partner Catherine Fitzgerald of Blueskin Films, POW mixed the sound for this documentary.