David Goldthorpe - Producer

"We came into it with high expectations but Matt and the team exceeded them on all accounts, we were extraordinarily happy with the attention the project received and the quality of work is top shelf. In short, we're totally stoked."



Ness Simons - Writer and Director

"Having the opportunity to work with POW to add that extra sparkle to Pot Luck webseries was incredible, they are such a talented bunch of professionals. Matt, John, and the team were committed to taking every opportunity to push the drama, and the laughs, and the whole process was a joy. They kept communication crystal clear at every step, were excellent collaborators, and really raised the series another level with their work. We know we're making a niche series but these guys got it, they fully supported what we were doing and were invested in the project's success. Coming in at the final stages they really breathed new life into each episode and made the process fun. I can't recommend them highly enough, and they'll be my first choice for any future projects for sure!"