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  • We create film soundtracks

    in New Zealand

  • Using World Class Facilities

    in Australia and New Zealand


    for international productions

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We are

a Post Production company based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Established in 2015, POW! Post is a talented group of professionals combining to create a powerful global force in the Post Production field. We are 100% committed to creating the best outcome for our clients.

Sound Designers

who care about every element that goes into your soundtrack.

Sound Editors

who complete the track with original and outstanding work.

Re-Recording Mixers

with a wide range of credits on local and international films.
  • n a sense, I think a movie is really a little like a question and when you make it, that's when you get the answer.
    Francis Ford Coppola
  • When a sound can replace an image, cut the image. The ear goes more toward the within, the eye toward the outer.
    Robert Bresson

    Our Team

    of creative professionals
    John McKay
    John McKay
    Supervising Sound Editor
    John McKay is a veteran sound editor, sound designer, and mixer. His credits include iconic NZ films The Quiet Earth and Footrot Flats.
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    Matt Lambourn
    Matt Lambourn
    Sound Designer
    A highly creative maker of interesting sonic palettes. Matt has worked with the top Sound Designers in New Zealand to perfect his craft.
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    Jack Irvine
    Jack Irvine
    Post Co-ordinator
    A fluent Mandarin speaker, Jack, handles all organisational aspects of our projects and liaises with clients for a smooth experience.
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    Chris Sinclair
    Chris Sinclair
    Sound Designer / Mixer
    Experienced Sound Designer/ Mixer. Chris has recently returned to our shores after a successful decade in the UK.
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    Jeremy Cullen
    Jeremy Cullen
    Composer / Designer
    A multi-talented musician and composer, Jeremy's many talents make him a valuable team member with skills for multiple roles.
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    • My work is my art.
      Matt Lambourn POW! Post Sound Designer

      Our Services

      for local and international clients.
      • Creative Sound Design
        From large creature sounds to the smallest sound our team has it covered.
      • Foley
        We utilise two very experienced ex Park Road Post foley artists; Carrie Mclaughlin and Robyn McFarlane. Inventive Foley Recording is a speciality of POW! Post.
      • Location Recording
        Sourcing original material to create project specific sonic palettes.
      • Sound Editorial
        The building blocks for creating a detailed and nuanced soundtrack.
      • Sound Supervision
        Organising the many elements that comprise a soundtrack is well understood by this experienced team.
      • Sound Re-Recording
        We have experience of feature film re-recording within the team plus employ the best available in this region.
      • The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.
        George Lucas
      • The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense.
        Joseph Conrad
        • Collective
          We are all individual companies that have united to form a Collective to combine our talents and resources. We operate in a consensus manner with all members having equal input and say.
        • Legal
          Before undertaking any project we require signed contracts that clearly state and bind POW! to delivering your soundtrack on time given all requirements are met by our client.
        • Communications
          We pride ourselves on clear and concise dialogue within our team and externally with our clients. We utilise smart online apps for communicating and disbursing material.
        • Client Relations
          For our Chinese clients we have a fluent mandarin speaker on staff to make cross cultural productions successful.
        • STUDIOS
          We operate from our own multi- channel studios but in daily contact via video hook-ups. We have a terabyte server online for back-up and distribution of material to all team members

        Our Operation

        how we conduct our business

        The difference between genius and stupidity is genius knows it's limits.

        Albert Einstein

        Our Philosophy

        of film soundtracks
        • Sound is the emotion carrier
          Watch a film with the sound off and you will quickly realise the impact of sound. Without sound you are not involved, images alone do not tell the story. With sound you are connected to the emotional heartbeat and narrative drive of a film.
        • Story is King
          Soundtracks serve the story they are not an end in themselves. Our soundtracks sympathetically enhance the narrative drive and character arc of a film.
        • Delicate Detail
          The smallest and delicate details enhance the surface layer of a soundtrack and give it authenticity and dimension.
        • Harmony of all sound elements
          A mix is not a contest between dialogue, music and effects but a well designed whole. Simple devices like tuning a music cue to an engine tone can make both play in harmony and not fight for attention.