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What Will I Be Today?

What Will I Be Today? is a sonically immersive audio series for kids, coming soon to Storytime on Radio New Zealand.


Created by Marie Silberstein, POW’s Head of Development, What Will I Be Today? celebrates the power of imagination, taking our young listeners’ world seriously. The series encourages children to feel that they are participants in the sonic world, rather than passive listeners.

Marie Silberstein, Creator of What Will I Be Today?

Marie Silberstein, Creator of What Will I Be Today?

The concept for this series came from a place of necessity and respect.

Necessity for true representational children's content made for and by marginalised cultures in Aotearoa. Respect for an audience of young people that deserve high quality, challenging and original content.

On top of that, during the development process for this series, I came across a study by Dr. Lauren Howard which found 'Children who hear multiple languages in their neighbourhoods are more receptive to people who spoke languages other than their parents' language.' This has turned into a driving force in the making of this series.

Having “What Will I Be Today?” available through RNZ means that these languages will reach small towns and rural communities which may not have the diversity of population found in large cities. Incidental exposure matters!”

Marie has contracted four incredible writers from around Aotearoa for the series; Renee Liang, Steph Matuku, Kyle Mewburn and Victor Rodger.

Holly Braffet, POW’s go-to illustrator has designed our four main characters, and they are adorable!

We have cast some incredible talent, stay tuned to hear who will be voicing our young characters…our first record is next week!

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