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Catch POW at the SPADA post-production workshop!

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Colonial Combat

Colonial Combat is the new action-packed series from Awa Studios that takes a laugh at our unofficial colonial history. The first five episodes have now dropped on TVNZ OnDemand! POW are proud to be associated with Awa, providing full audio post production for the series.

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John and George speaking at SPADA Post-Production Workflow Workshop

Monday 16th September 2019, 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

SPADA, in association with DEGNZ, presents a day-long workshop introducing the concepts and processes of post-production workflow.

John and George will be speaking on behalf of POW at this event, giving insight into post-production best practice.

The workshop, delivered by Editor Annie Collins and Producer Catherine Fitzgerald, will give an overview of the entire post-production process including budgeting, what needs to be covered in the technical workflow, when it’s covered, and with whom, VFX, post-sound, and scheduling from commencement of post-production through to output of deliverables.

Participants will gain an understanding of the different roles and people involved, and and an awareness of how to manage and schedule a professional post-production workflow. This workshop is ideal for emerging filmmakers with a project or two under their belt who are looking to progress their post-production knowledge and practices.

You can find out more and purchase tickets on the DEGNZ website